[mythtv-users] Font Troubles with Mythtv

FieryRed fieryred at s2z.com
Fri Oct 8 18:06:10 UTC 2004

I've been having an interesting little annoyance lately.  I've noticed 
that mythtv ignores it's font size settings and for some reason gives me 
different sized fonts depending on which wm I'm using. When I use 
fluxbox I get smallish fonts... still readable but the small font is 
difficult to read on the tv.  When I use gnome I get BIG fonts... the 
small font looks at least like a 20pt font... much easier to read yes 
but it's painful on screen real estate.  Is there something you might 
suggest I look into for fixing this? I'm running gentoo with mythtv 
0.16, xorg 6.8.0-r1, fluxbox 0.9.10-r3, and gnome 2.6.2-r1. 


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