[mythtv-users] DataDirect Listings Problem

Jason Martens me at jasonmartens.com
Fri Oct 8 14:09:58 UTC 2004

Louie Ilievski wrote:

>I think you should run mythsetup again, and change your source.  It'll
>login and retrieve any changes to your lineup.  From there you can
>choose the new one, and save your settings.  Then run mythfilldatabase
>to get the new stuff.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I've done this already.   When I run 
mythtv-setup, if I enter my old username and password, it always 
downloads the cable listings and not the local broadcast listings.  If I 
enter my new username and password, it won't download anything and I get 
401 not authorized http error messages.  I don't know why the new one 
isn't working, becase it works just fine on the zap2it web site. 

There seems to be some disconnect between the zap2it web site and the 
actual data downloads.  It seems like the user account information is 
not crossing over. 


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