[mythtv-users] X Freezes blank on 'watch tv'

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Oct 8 14:02:10 UTC 2004

Kevin Clayton wrote:
> pthread_setschedparam: Operation not permitted
> 2004-10-08 09:03:15 Running as SUID root would allow some threads to
> run with realtime priority, improving video smoothness.
> waiting for free video buffers timed out
> waiting for free video buffers timed out
> waiting for free video buffers timed out
> The pthread_setschedparam seems to be the place to investigate.

Nope, not a problem.  It's attempting and failing to set realtime 
scheduling priority for the video output thread.  It's happy to continue 
without it.

You might try running 'mythfrontend --verbose playback' and see if that 
gives you any more useful data.

Only additional thing I can suggest is to make sure you installed the 
nVidia packages after the xorg packages.  Some people have reported that 
the latter like to overwrite some files in the former, causing trouble.

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