[mythtv-users] DataDirect Listings Problem

Jason Martens me at jasonmartens.com
Fri Oct 8 02:45:57 UTC 2004

I am a DataDirect user in Chicago, IL, and I am having a problem 
downloading listings.  I went to zap2it.com, and created an account, and 
everything was working great.  Then I moved, and I don't have cable at 
my new location, so I wanted to change the listing to local broadcast.  
However, when I run mythtv-setup and enter my username and password, it 
is still coming up with the old listings for cable.  I made the change 
over a week ago, and it still hasn't updated the listings.  So I decided 
to create a new account at zap2it, with local broadcast selected, and 24 
hours later, I can't download any listings using that account.  I can 
however, log in to the zap2it web site and see my customized listings there.

Any thoughts?


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