[mythtv-users] Re: Any good experiences with Via Epia systems?

Micah Wedemeyer fanmail at micah-wedemeyer.net
Thu Oct 7 19:02:15 UTC 2004


I guess I'll play devil's advocate on this thread.

I just got my Epia MII-10k system up and running using Jarod's Guide.  I found
the Gentoo HOWTO to be useful, but not detailed enough.  This mostly comes
from my relative inexperience with Linux administration and poor understanding
of Gentoo.

I think that the Epia platform is perfect for MythTV...in theory.  In reality,
it was quite difficult for me to set up, and I still don't have XvMC working.
VIA hasn't exactly been helpful to the Linux community, either.  The Unichrome
project is working hard, but as far as I can tell, VIA isn't giving them much
help or information.  So, if you're depending on hardware decoding (ie.
ME6000) then you had better be prepared for a lot of work to get xvmc working.

So, to be clear, I like my Epia-based system.  However, it was much more
difficult to set up than I expected.  Perhaps a different setup would have
been just as difficult.  I don't know.

Just my $0.02  Take it for what it's worth.


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