[mythtv-users] CPU power and decoding

Milos Prudek prudek at bvx.cz
Thu Oct 7 17:12:12 UTC 2004

> A *very* rough estimate from inhaled reports is that on a 2500MHz class
> CPU you might expect a PVR card to take up maybe as much as 5-10% of
> your CPU to record programs to disk, on a bad day, uphill, with a
> headwind, while a non-MPEG card -- which must do the MPEG encoding on
> the CPU -- might take 30-50% or more. And it's the priority task, since
> you only have so much memory for buffers, and if you drop raw frames off
> the card, they are Lost and Gone Forever.

Thank you very much, this is perfectly sufficient estimate for me.

Milos Prudek

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