[mythtv-users] increased recording priority for "new" episodes?

Fred Squires fsquires at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 15:45:14 UTC 2004

>   a) allow multiple recording schedules of the same show (so I can
> assign lower priority to the reruns)

I agree this would be a good feature.
I would say when you look at a show's recording shedule you could see
a list  such as:

Details / Priority
Every Day at 18:00 on channel 5 (WBFF) / -1
New Episodes at any time on channel 5 (WBFF) / +5

This way you you could select either and edit them, also new recording
schedules could be added or deleted from this screen.

Global priorty / autoexpire settings might also be a good idea.  Such
as recording a show on two different channels but only keeping 5
total.  This setting could be overidden so new episodes would not
count against the 5 total and also would not autoexpire because of it.

I've been thinking this would be a good idea and would like to work on
it myself but I don't have much time and it's been a few years since
I've done any coding (other than scripting), but I'm going to try to
look into this.


I probably still have a few gmail invites.
Drop me a line (off list) if you'd like an account.

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