[mythtv-users] Crashes with 0.16 - anyone else?

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Oct 7 15:07:16 UTC 2004

Preston Crow wrote:
> I spoke too soon, but this time I have a stack trace.  It seems to crash
> randomly when I start watching a recording or live TV, but never of the
> first try after a restart.  I'm running 2.6.7 with XFree and the nVidia
> 6111 driver.  Based on the trace, it looks like an nVidia issue.
> Any suggestions on how to fix this?

This is the failure footprint when people try to use OpenGL vsync with 
the 53xx nVidia drivers.

1. Make SURE you're actually running nVidia's 6111; no leftover 
libraries from earlier versions.  Make sure you build Myth against them 

2. Build with OpenGL vsync disabled.  It should fall back to RTC (verify 
with 'mythfrontend --verbose playback'; if not, search the archives for 
help).  Reports are that quality (smoothness) is almost as good.

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