[mythtv-users] memory in pundit-r?

Ryszard ryszard99 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 13:02:13 UTC 2004

I've not actually bought it yet, (its on the cards for next pay).  i'm
not really concerned with
noise as my box will be sitting in a cupboard under by TV.

currently i have a crappy del lettitude with a noisy fan and four
kids, so noise isnt going to
be a big isue.. :-)

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 13:53:57 +0100, David Medland-Slater
<david.medland-slater at touchpaper.com> wrote:
> Do you find that box noisy as I've seen comments to that effect and I
> was looking a the Pundit-R for a currently quiet study
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> Subject: [mythtv-users] memory in pundit-r?
> i'm thinking about the pundit-r and am wondering about peoples
> preference for memory configuration.  I was thinking of i stick of
> 512Mb, or two sticks of 256?
> my preference at this stage is probably one stick of 512...
> does it really matter?
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