[mythtv-users] Just getting static on watch-tv section

mark mark at onnow.net
Thu Oct 7 04:49:43 UTC 2004

I have installed a single PVR-250 using knoppmyth.  All is well hookup 
wise, analog cable, channel listings etc....

When in the setup area mythtv-setup, I have chosen the PVR-250, 
/dev/video (symllink to /dev/video0 anyway ) and all the rest are 
default ( eg /dev/dsp and on )
I have chosen tuner0 as the default and connected tuner0 to my channel 

But when I go to watch live tv, I just get static.  I think I am close 
but missing something.

What can I check?  How can I make sure my settings are right?

Thank you,


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