[mythtv-users] DVB card support/features?

Rob Hillis rob at hillis.dyndns.org
Thu Oct 7 04:35:29 UTC 2004

Berry, David wrote:

>I was thinking it might be good to run it each hour, as it seems to
>broadcast the proper time the show is on.  Eg: tv_grab_au says a show
>will start at 8:30 - tv_grab_dvb says it starts at 8:35 - perhaps more
>in line with the time the show is actually broadcast ??
It may well be a nice addition to your standard mythfilldatabase using 
the --update option so it doesn't try and overwrite all your programming 
data.  Unfortunately, it's basically useless until such a time as we 
have a channel that will send appropriate data out - and as I mentioned, 
the ABC appears to be at least trialling such a service.

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