[mythtv-users] Auto-Expire

Paul Pick paul.pick at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 02:08:15 UTC 2004

> I rarely even have to use auto-expire

I'm afraid my shows auto-expire quite a bit (too much time
on the computer, maybe). In fact, I think I run afoul of unwatched,
auto-expired shows which don't get recorded again due to
the duplicate filter saying that the show was recorded once
already... so I never see them. Is this, in fact, what is going on? 
If so then I'd like to see an option that would remove shows 
from the "previously recorded" list when they are auto-expired.

I know, I know, "where's your patch?" Hey, c++ was
a long time ago, so this is just a suggestion from the 
(grateful) peanut gallery. :-)

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