[mythtv-users] Almost there

Matt Hannan matthew.j.hannan at verizon.net
Thu Oct 7 01:50:58 UTC 2004

Well, I cleaned up the xorg.conf. Removed all the references to the TV.

I scheduled a recording earlier today via mythweb and was very happy to 
see that it actually captured video when I got home tonight.
No sound, tho. I guess this is a big deal with the 0.16 release of 
MythTV and those of us not using OSS. Has there been a solution yet?

Also, I have video in LiveTV now. Buried in the TV Settings setup, there 
is a check box for the PVR-350. It was not set. Once I checked it, I got 
a picture!

Could this have something to do with the lack of sound in MythTV? I have 
sound in every other app, tho.
My MythTV is set to use /dev/dsp.

# ls -l /dev/dsp*
crw-------  1 name root 14,  3 Feb 23  2004 /dev/dsp
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root      3 Jun 21 18:38 /dev/dsp0 -> dsp
crw-------  1 name root 14, 19 Feb 23  2004 /dev/dsp1
crw-------  1 name root 55,  0 Feb 23  2004 /dev/dsp56k

Also, I am having issues with the msp3400-ivtv not loading on boot. I 
have to manually enter "modprobe msp3400-ivtv" every time I reboot. How 
can I get this to load automatically?

Thanks for any and all help.


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