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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't code so my options are quite a bit more

I'll do some more hardware research before taking the plunge anyway. Thanks
to everyone.
btw, if anyone is upgrading to a more powerful box and has a working MythTV
box on the cheap please drop me a line. :) I have the lazy part of being a
hacker down.

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you could use a program to send X events to MythTV. Your problem would be,
however, to get status feedback. Since the GUI is heavily
context-dependant you might get lost there.

Do you code C++ ? Then you could put hooks into mythtv to talk to a speech
engine that would tell you where it is. The control would then be still
via keyboard/RC as normal.

Another idea:

Try running myth with full logging / debug output enabled. If you parse
that output and filter it then you might give speech comments where you
need them, e.g. when entering a certain screen. If needed you could even
add another debug class "status" where you would feed status infos for TTS
engines. Going over the source and adding more debug statements should not
be too difficult.

(I just tried that, btw. And it doesn't produce enough usable information.
But it could be easy to extend myth to produce more output).


On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Fernando Botelho wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> Here's an unusual question for you (explanation follows): Can I have
> to all MythTV features through the command line?
> Apologies to the pros in advance for the basic question.
> Explanation: I am blind, have never used Linux, and I would like to build
> myself over the next many months a working talking MythTV box.
> Many blind guys use Linux because of its command line access to
> but I know the various GUI interfaces (KDE etc) are not yet very
> to the blind and want to make sure that MythTV does not depend on me using
> one of those. I'll leave the GUI interface for my wife to use and I'd like
> to have the command line route if that's even an option.
> I am tired of not having full access to the commands available to everyone
> else on TVs and stereos because companies have no interest in offering
> accessible products. I have also been looking for a good excuse to jump
> Linux and this could be it.
> I am very early in the process of figuring this out so I wanted to ask
> most basic of questions before moving forward. Don't worry about the
> blindness-related challenges of opening up computers, making linux talk,
> so forth; that won't be a problem.
> Thanks,
> Fernando
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