[mythtv-users] performance and missing channels

Tilman Kispersky tilman at wiredmail.org
Wed Oct 6 19:23:58 EDT 2004


Recently I posted about not being able to receive more than 2 channels.
It was suggested that I patch my kernel and update IVTV to gain support 
for my
newer 250 chipset.  I have done those things and have some improvements:

Encoding now takes almost no CPU (before ~ 20%)
I now have audio on all channels, but still only static on all but 2 
(before, audio and video only two channels only, static and no audio on 
the rest)
I can change to all channels, the picture is just static even though the 
audio comes through!

Below is the output of the new IVTV driver, I updated to ck114f right away.

What might be blocking the other channels?? How can I verify that the kernel
patch worked?  Is this a mythtv setting I am messing up? What could be 
going wrong??

thanks for any advice

alias char-major-81 videodev
alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
options ivtv ivtv_debug=1 tuner=50
options msp3400 once=0 simpler=1 simple=0
add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 tuner saa7127

kernel: ivtv: ==================== START INIT IVTV ====================
kernel: ivtv: version 0.1.10 (0.1.10pre2-ck114f) loading
kernel: ivtv: Linux version: 2.4.27
kernel: ivtv: In case of problems please include thedebug info
kernel: ivtv: between the START INIT IVTV and END INIT IVTV lines when
kernel: ivtv: mailing the ivtv-devel mailinglist.
kernel: ivtv: Autodetected WinTV PVR 250 card
kernel: ivtv: Found an iTVC16 based chip
kernel: PCI: Found IRQ 5 for device 00:09.0
kernel: PCI: Sharing IRQ 5 with 00:01.4
kernel: ivtv: Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 (was 32)
kernel: ivtv: XXX PCI device: 0x0730 vendor: 0x1039
kernel: tuner: chip found @ 0xc2
kernel: ivtv: i2c attach [client=(tuner unset),ok]
kernel: msp34xx: ivtv version
kernel: msp34xx: init: chip=MSP3445G-B8, has NICAM support, simpler (G) 
no-thread mode
kernel: msp34xx: $Id$ compiled on: Oct  5 2004 22:28:53
kernel: ivtv: i2c attach [client=MSP3445G-B8,ok]
kernel: saa7115: starting probe for adapter ivtv i2cdriver #0 (0x10005)
kernel: saa7115: detecting saa7115 client on address0x42
kernel: saa7115: writing init values
kernel: ivtv: i2c attach [client=saa7115[0],ok]
kernel: saa7115: status: (1E) 0x00, (1F) 0xc0
kernel: tveeprom: Hauppauge: model = 32062, rev = B185, serial# = 2842756
kernel: tveeprom: tuner = TCL 2002N (idx = 85, type = 50)
kernel: tveeprom: tuner fmt = NTSC(M) (eeprom = 0x08, v4l2 = 0x00001000)
kernel: tveeprom: audio_processor = MSP3445 (type = 12)
kernel: ivtv: i2c attach [client=tveeprom[0],ok]
kernel: ivtv: Tuner Type 50, Tuner formats 0x00001000, Radio: yes, Model 
0x00891615, Revision 0x00000000
kernel: ivtv: NTSC tuner detected
kernel: ivtv: Radio detected
kernel: ivtv: Encoder revision: 0x02040011
kernel: ivtv: Configuring WinTV PVR 250 card with 5 streams
kernel: ivtv: Create DMA stream 0 using 32 131072 byte buffers  4194304 
kernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 0 minor 0
kernel: ivtv: Create DMA stream 1 using 16 131072 byte buffers  2097152 
kernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 1 minor 32
kernel: ivtv: Create stream 2 using 512 4096 byte buffers  2097152 
kbytes total
kernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 2 minor 224
kernel: ivtv: Create DMA stream 3 using 16 131072 byte buffers  2097152 
kernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 3 minor 24
kernel: ivtv: Create stream 4
kernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 4 minor 64
kernel: ivtv: Setting Tuner 50
kernel: tuner: type set to 50 (TCL 2002N)
kernel: ivtv: Setting audio matrix to input 3, output 1
kernel: ivtv: Switching standard to NTSC.
kernel: saa7115: decoder set norm NTSC
kernel: saa7115: set audio: 0x01
kernel: ivtv: Initialized WinTV PVR 250, card #0
kernel: ivtv: ====================  END INIT IVTV  ====================

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> On 10/04/2004 07:28 PM, Tilman Kispersky wrote:
>> Thanks for your patience.
> :)
>> I installed CVS-LATEST ivtv but not kernel patch yet.
>> I'm not sure if this is newer than or equal to 0.10-pre2-ckXXX
> It's 0.1.10-pre2, but without any of the ck patches (Chris is currenly 
> on 114f, so there have been a *lot* of interim versions).
>> tvee: tuner=<unknown> (idx=85, type=-1)
>> tvee: tuner fmt=NTSC(M) (eeprom=0x08, v4l2=0x00001000)
> You have the TCL 2002N tuner.  This tuner is not supported by the 
> tuner module included with the Linux kernel. Therefore, you need to 
> patch your tuner module to get access to all your channels.
> Unfortunately, patching your tuner module will probably require you to 
> patch/re-compile/re-install your tuner module.  Whereas Axel Thimm has 
> packages available for Fedora Core, I don't know of any sources of 
> patched modules for Debian.  (Any Debian packagers out there who want 
> to make some available????)
> The patch you need can be found at 
> http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/Sep-2004/msg00773.html .  You will need the 
> patch for Linux 2.x (either 2.4 or 2.6, depending on your kernel 
> version).  Note that there are five patch "files" on that page 
> (ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck100z, ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck108j, linux-2.4.27, linux 
>, and a video4linux snapshot releases), so make sure you take 
> the appropriate parts (look for the filenames in the lines starting 
> with "diff -Naur").
> Once you patch your tuner module, you can simply specify:
> options tuner type=50
> and continue using ivtv 0.1.9.
> If you prefer to upgrade, I recommend ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck100z with the 
> appropriate patch from the same page as the Linux patch.  Note that if 
> you're using Linux 2.6, you may (depending on how your kernel was 
> compiled) also need a patch for the use of sys_* calls ( 
> http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/Sep-2004/msg00829.html ).
> Mike
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