[mythtv-users] recording overrides

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Oct 6 20:39:45 UTC 2004

Bill Oberman wrote:
> I wanted to record Sex and the City on TBS, and set up channel recording.  
> The episodes are listed back-to-back, at 9:00 and 9:30, and are listed 
> as being 30 minutes, but in reality seem to be slightly more… like 33 
> minutes.  I have global early start/late end settings of 2 minutes, and 

There's no such thing. There is per record rule early start/late
end in minutes that tells the scheduler how to plan to record the
show. There is a global pre-roll in seconds that tells the recorder
at record time to get a head start so that things are settled and
running smoothly when the scheduled time comes. This is ignored
when the recorder is already busy when there are back to back
recording. This isn't the issue here but is often a point of
confusion =).

> the first week lost the very end of the second episode.  I then tried to 
> add an “end late” to this program of 5 minutes.  The second week, it 
> worked, but bounced between tuners (I have two), and double recorded the 
> end of first/start of second episode.  I realized my mistake, which was 
> to apply the extra 5 minutes to all episodes, versus just the second.

Which can be a good thing if you can't be sure exactly when the
station will end and start the shows. I sometime do this deliberately
when it doesn't cause conflicts so that I can be sure that both
recordings have the complete show.

> put the record options back to no extra end.  Then last night, I went to 
> the 9:30 episodes, and added a “recording override” of end +5 minutes.  
> But, that didn’t work at all… it only recorded the standard global extra 
> 2 minutes, but not 5.  Up till now everything made sense to me… why 
> didn’t it record the 9:30 show 5 minutes longer?

When you click the Add Override button, you still need to specify
which type you want. It initially says "Select Recording Schedule".
Change it to "Record this showing with override options" if you
want to change something like the end time.

> I think I now know how to fix it “right”.  Delete the channel schedule, 
> and add two timeslot ones.  Set the 9:30 slot to have extra end, and 
> everything should work out.

That's correct. The override only applies to one showing and
you will have this problem every week. By using two Weekslot
rules, you can control each individually. For example you could
end the 9:00 show 3 minutes late then start the 9:30 show 3 minutes
late and end 6 minutes late or you could overlap them to make sure
they both catch their beginnings and endings.

--  bjm

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