[mythtv-users] nuvexport - audio leading video by one second

Rex Wheeler rex at fuzzy.com
Wed Oct 6 16:50:54 UTC 2004

I have run into this as well. 

Anyone know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong? Mplex
seems to have a sync offset parameter that I may try and play with, but
how do I figure out accurately what soft of offset to feed it (other
then trail and error?)

Here is the debug output from nuvexport:

Now encoding:  Tiny Toon Adventures:  Cinemaniacs
Encode started:  Wed Oct  6 09:35:40 2004
nice -n 19 mythtranscode --showprogress -p autodetect -c 1040 -s
2004-05-02-06-00-00 -f "/tmp/fifodir_5119/" 2>&1 > /dev/null
Starting transcode.
nice -n 19 transcode -V -k -i /tmp/fifodir_5119/vidout -p
/tmp/fifodir_5119/audout -H 0 -x raw -g 480x480 -f 29.97,4 -n 0x1 -e
44100,16,2 -j 10,10,10,10 -J smartyuv -J yuvdenoise=mode=2  -y
mpeg2enc,mp2enc -Z 720x480 -F 8,"-q 5 -Q 2 -V 230 -4 2 -2 1" -w 6000 -E
48000 -b 384 -o "./Tiny Toon Adventures -Cinemaniacs" 2>&1
system call:
nice -n 19 mplex -f 8 "./Tiny Toon Adventures -Cinemaniacs".m2v "./Tiny
Toon Adventures -Cinemaniacs".mpa -o "./Tiny Toon Adventures
Encode finished:  Wed Oct  6 09:35:40 2004
Encode lasted: 0s

I am running nuvexport version 2004.96.06 (xris), transcode version
v0.6.12, mplex version 1.6.2 (2.2.3). Mythtranscode doesn't seem to have
an accessible version number but I assume it is the same version of the
mythtv package I installed which was done via apt and came from



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I just ran the new nuvexport to dump a show to DVD and the resulting 
MPG video file had the audio track consistently one second ahead of 
the video.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Has anyone successfully 
converted a .nuv (non-MPEG2) file to a DVD?

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