[mythtv-users] Commercial Skip

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Oct 6 16:19:56 UTC 2004

> I certainly hope that this issue is being addressed, because commercial 
> skip is a valuable feature.  It would be nice to hear the status of 
> this when whomever is responsible is able to address it, and hopefully 
> an interim release.  As an aside, I had previously been using CVS, but 
> for these two builds I opted to move to the presumed "more stable" 0.16 
> release to eliminate potential problems.

Actually, it would be nicer if someone could submit a useful bug report
on this situation so that the person "responsible" could look at it. :)
I've been running the commercial skip code in 0.16 on my master backend
and main frontend since about 3 weeks before 0.16 was released and
haven't seen the issues people are talking about.  I get emailed the
backend log everytime my backend restarts and can't remember when the
last time I got one of those emails was.

To those of you who are having problems, you should recompile with debug
support turned on then run mythbackend under gdb to see if you can find out
where it's crashing and get a backtrace and submit a bug report.  Until then
it's highly unlikely that it will be fixed.



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