[mythtv-users] FC2 PVR-350 Issues

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Oct 6 14:04:49 UTC 2004

On 10/05/2004 05:31 PM, Richie Crews wrote:

>I just recently decided to try FC2 on my mythtv box and I used Jarod's
>guide for FC1 so I figured I would try my luck at it again using his
>guide. I went word for word through the steps and got to the point of
>IVTV installation. IVTV installed fine and I configured ivtvctl to use
>input #6 because that is what my s-video in was on my old setup and
>set the system for NTSC.
S-Video is still input #6.  See below.

> I can capture video but when I attempt to
>play it back in mplayer on the local box it comes in distorted. It is
>like horizontal lines  but not real picture could be made out. Any
>help would be appreciated and I've included some information below for
>people who can help here. Below is a listing of the IVTV version I
>have installed:

>        Input   : 6
>        Name    : S-Video 0
My recommendation:  to verify that the problem is not with inputs, do 
not set an input. The new drivers will, by default, use both Composite 
and S-Video.  Most likely, though, this will still fail.

If so, please post the ivtv init information.  It can be retrieved from 
your system log file (assuming /var/log/messages) with:

tac /var/log/messages |
sed -n '/=  END INIT IVTV  =/,/= START INIT IVTV =/p;
      /= START INIT IVTV =/q' |


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