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Christopher Flynn flynnguy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 12:14:29 UTC 2004

I don't know about bluetooth features that some people were talking
about but mythTV should work with any IR signal. It would just be a
matter of creating a config file for the PDA in lirc.

To get started with myth, I used a universal remote and I just picked
one of the "VCRs" and taught lirc the signals. It's fairly easy, just
a little time consuming because you have to name and learn each button
you want to use.

On the palm side there is a program called omniremote.
http://www.pacificneotek.com/ I've used it a little for tv stuff but I
still prefer buttons when I am watching TV. I mainly use it as a
shutter release for my camera. (My camera uses IR for the remote
shutter release)

The only downside might be the range of your palm's IR. I think you
can download a demo and teach it your TV's remote and try it out and
see how the range is on your particular PDA. (Some are better than
others for this)

So if you are interested I would download the demo and try it out. If
you have a remote for your mythtv box already you could just teach
that to omniremote and it should just work. Bluetooth would be cool
but then you would need a custom remote program on your palm as well
as on the mythtv box. (Not 100% sure on this because I haven't read
the bluetooth thread but I don't think lirc or omniremote supports

On Wed,  6 Oct 2004 11:31:37 +1000, adamandeve at netspace.net.au
<adamandeve at netspace.net.au> wrote:
> Hi,
> I read in the list archives (Feb) that a few people were working on a way to use
> a PDA over wireless/bluetooth as the remote control and have the Myth GUI on
> that with playback through the standard architecture.
> Did anything happen with this?  Does anyone have any thoughts of the best way to
> approach it.
> Great work by all by the way.  Thanks for creating a cool product!
> Cheers
> Adam
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