[mythtv-users] Database damage

Brian Stults bstults at crim.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 6 01:34:28 UTC 2004

Bob Wiegand wrote:
> I had some Myth crashes so I used Webmin to take a look at what was in
> the mythconverg database and it look like there has been some damage.
> I can't open the recordedmarkup table.
> I would prefer not to lose everything - is there any easy way to
> restore just this table to a default state?

You could go to the directory where mysql is storing the mythconverg 
database and run:

myisamchk -r recordedmarkup.MYI

I'm pretty sure this is in the mythtv documentation somewhere, and it 
can certainly be found mentioned more than once in the mailing list 

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