[mythtv-users] Missing alot of Tv-guide listings from zap2it

Harri Hautakangas harri at hautakangas.com
Tue Oct 5 19:39:25 UTC 2004

Hi (sorry if this is double post, I send this before with wrong e-mail 
account, it shouldn't get through I think)

I noticed couple of days ago that my guide is missing  a lot of data for 
many different channels. I have always had the problem that some data is 
missing sometimes, until the 1 day before refresh, but never this bad. I 
am using 0.16.
I have read http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/81327
I am also located in Canada (like the Kyle in that message thread), 
Calgary to be specific.
I looked at my Guide, and the last day I have any data for is 10/17, but 
most of the channels have NO data what so ever. Some channels have full 
data, and some channels partial data.
But it gets worse, for example Discovery channel has no data from 10/17 
to 10/15 00:00, at 10/14 23:30 it has data again. But there are several 
days before this time where Discovery has no data or only partial data. 
I am just using Discovery as an example, there are numerous other 
channels with same problems.

When I go to Zap2it.com weblistings I notice that they only provide data 
until 10/17 for Canada and US. When  I look at my filldata.cpp maxday is 
set at 14 days. Is the problem that Zap2it has changed from
14 to 12 days ?
Also the Canadian listings data ends at 18:00 on 10/17, US listings has 
data to the end of the day.

If I change Maxday from 14 to 12 or 11, would that fix my problem ?

Thank you,


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