[mythtv-users] PVR350 tv out slow or no sound

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Oct 5 14:37:35 EDT 2004

On 10/05/2004 01:22 PM, John Kuhn wrote:

>> The Mic is muted on start up but not the line.  I will change that 
>> and see
>> if it makes a difference.
>> However, when looking at my soundcard and switching from line in to mic
>> and back and triple checking to see if I messed it up, I noticed that 
>> the
>> port I have on my PVR-350 is labled "Line In"  That's the one I'm
>> expecting sound to come out of.  So does thte 350 even have a "Line Out"
> yes its the red and white cables..

On the PVR-350 "Bundle 'o Cables" adapter...

> i have a composite (rca) to headphone adapter plugged into the line in 
> of my sblive.. from there it goes to my tv..
>> for sound?  I'm going to hook up the A/V cables instead of the 
>> S-Video and
>> see if that makes a difference.
> using svideo or the composite makes no diffrence for sound.. 

But using the adapter, which allows S-Video or Composite output *and* 
R/L audio output, and having the sound output (from your external tuner) 
plugged in to the PVR-350 audio input using an 1/8" jack to stereo RCA 
(a.k.a. "Y") adapter makes a whole world of difference...

> what you need todo is plug the red/white cables into your tv directly 
> (bypassing the sound card) and see if you get sound that way.. if you 
> do then your problem lies within your soundcard settings (or possibly 
> cables)

Although you can probably plug it into your sound card now since you've 
already learned the steps for debugging missing sound with alsamixer's 
CAPTUR/mute settings...

>> (Boy will I feel stupid if it works....)
>> Gretchen
Don't feel stupid--just "temporarily" ignorant of the correct setup.  
And now that you know, you're no longer ignorant...


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