[mythtv-users] emerge mythvideo does not compile

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Tue Oct 5 15:55:50 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 11:23, Tomi Makinen wrote:
> but I ran into some problems .. mythvideo and mythdvd cannot be emerged and I
> dont know why ..
> this is the output.
> # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge mythvideo
> videobrowser.cpp: In member function `void VideoBrowser::updateInfo(QPainter*)
>    ':
> videobrowser.cpp:362: error: `GetImageFilename' undeclared (first use this
>    function)

First, I think mythdvd depends on mythvideo, so forget about mythdvd
until you've resolved the mythvideo issue.

Second, you're using the ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to install mythvideo, but not
the rest of the system.  That should work, but there's more of a risk of
missing or incomplete dependencies in the ebuild when doing that.  (I
don't think this is your problem.)  One option is to use the line:

# ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -pvuD mythvideo

That will show all the packages that mythvideo depends on that have
newer versions available (including keyword-masked packages).  Most
likely nothing interesting there, but always a good thing to check.

But as to your problem, do this:

# cd /usr/include
# grep -r GetImageFilename .

Do you see the line:
./mythtv/uitypes.h:    const QString& GetImageFilename() const { return
m_filename; }

If not, then there was a problem with your mythtv installation. 
Re-emerge mythtv, watch carefully for any errors, and try again.


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