[mythtv-users] DVB card support/features?

Rob Willett rob.mythtv at robertwillett.com
Tue Oct 5 12:05:37 UTC 2004


Choose carefully as many of the cards look the same and are branded the same but
have a different chipset. e.g. Avermedia DVB-T as both the M179 (supported) and
the 771 (not really supported) versions. I'm told that there are at least three
different versions of the Hauppauge Nova-T card as well. This is the sort of
utter bollocks (English slang word meaning testicles to our American friends)
that gives computers a bad name.

I have a Nebula DVB card but can't say that I'm really that enamoured with it.
In hindsight I would have got an AverMedia M179 card or the Hauppauge card.

Overall support seems to be much the same for cards that work. 

Basically go for the older cards and they are more likely to be supported than
the newer cards. Someone will correct me here, but my feeling is that since
MythTV can't do a lot with the extra features some of the newer cards have,
there is little point in getting one. Definitely a case of cheaper is better.


Quoting James Hansen <mythtv at f0rmula.com>:

> Are there any differences between the mainstream DVB-T cards or their
> support or functionality within myth?
> I'm referring to the cards listed in the link below:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/download/dvb/CARDS
> Are cards based on a similar chip all similar cards, and does the chip a
> card is based around make a great deal of difference?  
> Oh, and do people generally have a preference at all over brand?  I'd
> probably be looking at getting a hauppauge nova, if all other things are
> equal..
> Thanks
> James

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