[mythtv-users] Channel changing with external script doesn't seem to work here

Rutger Hendriks Loial at home.nl
Mon Oct 4 15:15:38 EDT 2004

Hi list
Since ptune.pl is in the ivtv driver I was about to direct this mail to the 
ivtv-driver list, but it looks more like a Myth issue as I see it now.

I am experiencing problems in Myth with respect to channelchanging.

I have here a list of channels and corresponding frequencies from my tv-cable 
provider and I wanted to use this list to change channels. This didn't work 
initially, but I found I had to add to .ivtvrc lines like:

and I've made a script:
echo $0 $1 >> /tmp/chan
ptune.pl --freqtable custom -c $1

and in Myth I've added the scriptname to the 'externel channel change script'

At this point, Myth seems to work with me and if I press '1' on my remote it 
calls the channelchangescript with argument '6' (cat /tmp/chan shows me this 
and it's okay since this channel is what I want at 1) which then calls 
ptune.pl with custom frequency table and attempts to set the channel to 6 , 
which is defined as 184 (MHz?) in .ivtvrc

Unfortunately, only the OSD info and the LCD show the new channelname and the 
program info of the new channel, but the old tv-picture only stops moving for 
about 2 seconds and then continues again on the same channel...i.e. the 
channel didn't change.
ivtvctl -R as root shows the frequency doesn't change

running ptune.pl manually gives:
mythtv at pvr ~ $ ptune.pl --freqtable custom -c 6
Ch.6: 184000 2944
Error in mspMatrixSet ioctl call!

and except for the error, it works...ivtvctl -R as root shows a new (correct) 

Both Myth and ptune.pl are called from the same user account (mythtv)
both ptune.pl and the script are executable and mythtv has permissions to 
touch /dev/v4l/*

What am I not seeing?



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