[mythtv-users] Group advice sought on setup please.

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 14:30:25 EDT 2004

> Unfortuantely, I don't know which vid cards are simulaneously cheap, easy
> to set up, and have good quality.  I think that many (most?) people
> running mythtv don't have nearly as good of quality from their tvout card
> as they could/should.  All I've tried have sucked horribly compared to my
> homebrew VGA->NTSC converter.

If its available in your country, DVB-T is cheap (60 from ebay), easy to 
set up (Mandrake needed one insmod line to get it working on 2.6) and good 
quality (MPEG2 straight from the air).

The quality is much better than my series one tivo (watching via xBox using 


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