[mythtv-users] new MoBo, new noise

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 11:21:31 EDT 2004

Have u checked your audio cables? could the earth wire be broken in the 

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>I got fed up with the lockups on my Soyo MoBo (VIA based), and got
> the Chaintech that a few people had good luck with. Well, everything
> runs real well now (except the 250 remote, but that's another problem),
> but now, I have a fairly loud buzzing noise in the speakers that seems
> to be related to interrupts. I had first thought it was the internal
> sound chips, so I installed the SB Live card, and, as soon as I plug
> speakers into either (builtin or SB) of the speaker jacks, the buzzing
> shows up. If I pull the network cable, it goes away, mostly. Load on
> the disk drives make it buzz in time to the HDD LED.
> Any clues on this, it not being related directly to MythTV?
> Tim
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