[mythtv-users] new MoBo, new noise

Josiah Royse jroyse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 11:24:28 EDT 2004

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 10:47:02 -0400, Tim Sailer <tps at buoy.com> wrote:
> speakers into either (builtin or SB) of the speaker jacks, the buzzing
> shows up. If I pull the network cable, it goes away, mostly. Load on

These are  just a general suggestions that came to me (you may have
tried these):

Have you adjusted the output volume of the soundcard up, and the
external speakers down?  I used to get buzzing from external speakers
amplifying general background noise.

A/C line filter such as a ISOBar (expensive) down to a $8 capicitor
three prong plug-through.  I have noticed these cut down on A/C noise,
such as electric motors on the same circuit - but you said it was
internal related noise-

A/C wiring- If you plug in a UPS/smart Power strip does it indicate a
wiring fault./bad ground?  I moved into a house that the owner
mis-wired a few outlets

Power supply on PC- is it possible to swap the PS with a similar one

I have heard buzzing on Laptops similar to what you describe on
network/H.D. access which I always attributed to lack of grounding
wire- many laptops don't have a three-prong power cord.

Good luck!


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