[mythtv-users] [MPlayer-users] Posting to xvid, mythtv, mplayer fedora and ivtv lists - Slow encoding by mencoder under FC2 faster under KnoppMyth. Why?

VJ vj at vijaygill.homelinux.net
Mon Oct 4 07:12:03 EDT 2004

    I am using mythTV under FC2 now ater moving from KnoppMyth this
week-end. Following are the versions of the various software I use:

ivtv:    114z
mythtv:    0.16
xvid:    1.0.1 compiled using athlon specific architecture (using rpmbuild
and then installed the resulting RPMs)
mplayer:    latest download from CVS
kernel:    latest release from Fedora 2.6.8-521
gcc:    gcc version 3.3.3 20040412 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.3-7)

ivtv:    113f
mythtv:    0.16
xvid:    1.0.1 compiled from tarball I got from xvid's site.
mplayer:    same as that on FC2
kernel:    2.4.25-chw
gcc:    I don't know as I am not near my system and will have to go home to
check. KnoppMyth is R4V4 (so u may knwo the version of gcc)

Platform:    Linux Fedora Core 2

I run mplayer  (compiled on KnoppMyth) on KnoppMyth, I get 21 fps for the
first pass and 9 fps for the second. If I compile the same source for
mplayer under FC2 and run under FC2, I get 9-12fps in the first pass itself
(Second pass shows the same result as that of on KnoppMyth, so no problem).

I am posting this message to more than one lists because it relates to more
than one lists and also I may find some-one using the same things I am
trying to and reply with some solution.

Thanks in advance.

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