[mythtv-users] GUI width/GUI offset broken in 0.16?

Matt Mossholder matt at mossholder.com
Sun Oct 3 21:50:58 EDT 2004

    You're not alone... I have been looking into this for a good part of
the day today.  Some of the posts I found from the June-July timeframe
(warning: I have bad memory :) seemed to indicate that this was actually
a QT problem.  Not sure if this is actually true, but throwing it out
there anyway!


On Sun, 2004-10-03 at 12:08 -0700, Joe Votour wrote:

> Hi all,
> I decided to enable the TV-Out on my PVR-350 (using
> FC2/Jarod's guide), and I have to say that the picture
> quality is truly excellent!  Better than S-Video on my
> GeForce 440MX, better than a scan converter (VGA to
> NTSC) on a Matrox, ATI or GeForce 440MX, and better
> than even S-Video on a Matrox G400!  The thing that
> annoyed me about all of those combinations is the
> jerkiness that they produced - for a good example,
> watch CNN, or MSNBC (or any other scrolling ticker for
> that matter) and notice how they jitter every now and
> then (though quite frequently on my setup).  On the
> PVR-350, it is perfectly smooth, indistinguishable
> from what the TV shows.  DVD playback is fairly smooth
> (although Xine does drop some frames, but I can't
> really notice it), and I can even play XMame in a
> window (although with about 50-60% CPU load).
> Now then, since I've decided that I really can't live
> without the high quality of the PVR-350 TV-Out (I'm
> completely blown away by it), I have to figure out two
> things:
> 1. How to play XMame in something resembling
> full-screen (I can play it in a window, but can't seem
> to adjust the size) with ivtvdev
> 2. How to change the GUI size of the MythTV GUI so
> that  the menus are fully on the screen, and the OSD
> isn't chopped off.
> Issue 1 is not likely going to happen anytime soon, is
> likely quite complex, and not really a MythTV issue
> (it's an IVTV thing), so I won't mention it any
> farther (although if anybody has any suggestions, they
> are more than welcome).  Issue 2 is definitely a
> MythTV problem.
> I have scoured the mailing list, and seen other
> references to the GUI width/position issue.  It just
> seems to be broken from 0.14 on.  The GUI width/height
> can be set, but the offsets don't work, so regardless
> of what size I set my GUI to, the top/left is always
> chopped off.
> I have tried positive values and negative values, and
> also tried selecting and deselecting "Use GUI size for
> TV playback", as well as, "Run the frontend in a
> window".  Nothing seems to work, the top/left is
> always chopped off.
> Does somebody have a sure-fire way of getting this to
> work (even if it means going to CVS)?  Or is it just
> broken, and I should cope with it until I get the free
> time from work to try to fix the code myself (which
> will be at least a few weeks)?
> -- Joe
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