[mythtv-users] ivtvdev, atrpms 47_pre2_ck100zz feedback, X on PVR-350 TV-Out

Darren Boyd dboyd at its.to
Sun Oct 3 15:56:57 EDT 2004

Jarod Wilson wrote:
>>On 10/03/2004 12:08 AM, Michael Fenston wrote:
>>>1) It appears ivtvdev is not part of the stuff I got from atrpms (got
>>>an error about not finding it in the Xorg.log while following Jarod's
>>>guide for the PVR-350 TV-Out) ... where can I get this and what is the
>>>version I should be using?
> I'd mistakenly thought it was getting built and installed from the ATrpms 
> packages. It isn't. :-( I'll discuss this with Axel to see what we need to do 
> to get it incorporated. I finally got around to playing with my 350 this 
> weekend, and just ended up downloading the version from Mathias' site. From 
> what I understand, the latest version with enhancements by John Harvey won't 
> work with ck100z, so you have to stick to the old one.

And where is Mathias' site?  Google wouldn't tell me.

I'm currently using ivtv-0.1.10-47_pre2_ck100zz.rhfc2.at along with the 
X driver from ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck114.  It doesn't work (everything is 
all garbled, see 


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