[mythtv-users] $status paramater not returning "auto"

DCL dcl63 at hotpop.com
Sun Oct 3 11:34:31 EDT 2004

I believe I have solved my early wakeup problem.  nvram-wakeup has a 
setting to wake 5 minutes before the intended start time:

 From nvram-wakup.h:

 * WAKEUP_BEFORE   is the number of minutes the machine needs for booting.  I.e.
 *                 we will set the wake up time  WAKEUP_BEFORE menutes before we
 *                 need the machine to be up and running.
 * NEED_TO_SHTDWN  is the number of minutes the machine needs between calling
 *                 nvram-wakeup and poweroff.
 *                 I.e. we don't accept wake up times less than 
 *                  (NEED_TO_SHTDWN + WAKEUP_BEFORE) minutes
 *                 in the future
 * If NEED_TO_SHTDWN is too small, it may happen that the wake up time is passed
 * while  shutdown process,  so the machine  will wake  up one month  or (on the
 * boards, which store the month number) one year later than expected.
 * I think, it is sufficient to set NEED_TO_SHTDWN to 5 minutes but your mileage
 * may vary.

#*define* WAKEUP_BEFORE    5

I have just adjusted my wakeup time by adding 300 seconds to the $time 
value.  Now I have complete control of when the machine starts.

So these problems do not appear to be related.


Christian Hoenig wrote:

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>On Sunday 03 October 2004 08:39, DCL wrote:
>>The $status parameter not returning the value "auto" in the "Startup
>>command:" field on the "Shutdown/Wakeup Options" when the machine is
>>automatically started using the wakeup options.
>As stated in the other mail, I do not have a running setup currently. So lets
>first find out why your wakeup is early, then lets have a look at the 'auto'
>info, as those two could probably be linked (Only if mythtv is the faulty one
>thats sets it up early).
>take care, have fun
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