[mythtv-users] Strating automatic transcoding

Donavan Stanley GeckoFiend at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 17:40:17 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 13:48:49 -0700, Mitko Haralanov
<voidtrance at comcast.net> wrote:
>         Hi, I have very happily been using MythTV for more the six months now
> and I really love it! Thanks for all the hard work!!
>         However, ever since I upgraded to 0.16 (using the apt-get method), all
> my recordings are not automatically transcoded and are left in MPEG-2
> format (which takes up significantly more space). I have checked and
> double checked the 'Automatically transocde' setting in the recording
> profiles and they are all set. This is also proven by the fact that I
> have many entries in the 'transcoding' table in the database:

Check the output of yoru backend.  Chances are you'll see something
like "transcode aborted due to cutlist update".  Run mythcommflag
--force --file on that file and things should be fine from that point

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