[mythtv-users] Length of mpeg shown way off in xine

Martin Hejl martin at hejl.de
Sat Oct 2 14:18:26 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,

this is possibly OT, since everything displays correctly in MythTV, but 
I figured somebody on this list may have seen this before, any may be 
able to give me a hint.

I have MythTV running on a FC 2 box (runs nicely - kudos to everybody 
involved, this is a very nice piece of software), using a Hauppauge 
WinTV-PVR 350 card.

I want to burn some of the shows I recorded onto DVD, and I want to cut 
out the commercials before doing so. That part works nicely too (using 

Now for the problem - for a show that is 00:44:02 in length (this is 
what avidemux tells me after the editing, verified by simply watching it 
after it's burned on DVD, and that's what I also see when using 
mplayer), xine claims the mpg is 00:11:49 only long.
This makes setting up the chapters for the DVD a bit awkward (since the 
tool I want to use id gdvdauthor, which uses xine, as far as I can tell).

Has anybody seen something like that, where the total length of the mpeg 
is seen as roughly a quarter of the true length? Oh, by the way, the 
same happens when I feed the unedited .nuv file into Xine - so it's not 
something I introduced whie editing out the commercials.

Thanks for any hints.


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