[mythtv-users] problems installing mythtv in gentoo, does not compile (and with 2.6 kernel + lirc)

Tomi Makinen makinen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 12:38:29 EDT 2004


I am a gentoo newbie and I really like the distro,. It is really fast and 
portage seems great. But ... I ran into some odd problems.  I have the
basic system runnin. Ivtv gives static when mplayer is used to /dev/video0
and I can play videos.  I even got the ati tvout working.

Well the problems. I would like to know if there is some 2.6 kernel that works
well with lirc (using pvr 250). I cannot seem to find any kernel and
lirc combination
that would work. I would be cool if  just emerging new kernel would work. 
I cannot seem to get lirc to work with standard 2.6.5-r3 kernel and I even trien
love-sources kernel which was mentioned in some howto.lirc starts always,  but 
when I start irw, it returns and next try will fail because
"connection was refuced".
The kernel should have xfs support too. 

Another problem I am having is that when I try to emerge mythtv, it
fails and I get
lots of warning about some variables starting gl  .. something like
glScreenSize ..
I cannot remember, since my working mythtv HD is in use at the moment (FC1 with
2.4 kernel). Anyway it was vsync.cpp which gave the errors. Is there
some dependancy
that is not handled by the ebuild ?

If someone could help me even a bit, it would be great..

- McIne -

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