[mythtv-users] RE: sleep/wake with Jarod's guide

Alexander Petkov ap154036 at cue1.umt.edu
Sat Oct 2 06:08:13 EDT 2004

Hello Simon:

After searching the mythtv user list I saw that your motherboard is with a similar issue my motherboard has. 

I am trying to schedule a nvram-wakeup power-on. It works, but similar to yours, my motherboard needs a reboot for the alarm changes to take effect. I can see that you have designed a solution to this "nvram-wakeup reboot needed" issue:

 By mythtv-shutdown i mean the shutdown functionallity integrated into
mythtv (I use the CVS version). Scince my board need a reboot after
setting the nvram-wakeup timer i've made a script that selects a
power-off-option in grub. The mythtv user can run nvram-wakeup and my
grubreboot using sudo. From the terminal it works flawlessly, but it
seems like mythtv cannot shutdown the computer. 

Would you please ellaborate on your solution, specifically on the power-off option in grub and your grubreboot? I assume the grubreboot is grub-reboot with a number from grub's menu.lst file?

Thanks in advance, Alex

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