[mythtv-users] Bizarre channel changing problem

Paul Check paul at openstreet.com
Fri Oct 1 23:57:59 EDT 2004

Hi All: Running MythTV 0.16 from Debian Sid package, fully upgraded from 
CVS 0.15. I have a cable box I control through a serial connection and 
script. The channel changing worked perfectly in CVS 0.15 but in the 
Debian 0.16 package I am having a very strange problem. Namely, channel 
changing works in LiveTV, and it also works when the backend starts. I 
have set the permissions on the serial device so that any user and use 
the script, and in fact from the command line any user can change 
channels using the script. However....when the recordings kick in, the 
channel changing doesn't kick in. It's not that the channel change gets 
mucked up (which used to happen sometime due to the delay in entering 
the numbers), the command apparently doesn't even make it to the cable box.

So..what's up?!?

Cheers, Paul

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