[mythtv-users] mythburn: automagic DVD burning becoming part of Myth soon?

Jesse Adelman someone at boldandbusted.com
Fri Oct 1 22:25:31 EDT 2004

Hello. Saw this over on the KnoppMyth forums:
http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2132 . Took a while to
pick my jaw up off the floor. Is this going to appear in the main
MythTV development stream anytime soon? Note that this is *not* the
mythburn script seen in the Dev lists (that's a CD burning script which
never seemed to get finished) - this is a soup-to-nuts *DVD burning*
add-on, integrated into the Myth FE and MythWeb interfaces and the Myth
MySQL database! I'm starting to work on Gentoo-ifying it (if someone
else is doing this already, please let me know!), but a quick glance at
the code seems to show a sizeable amount of KnoppMyth-specific
references will need to be adjusted.

First post to the Myth users mailing list. Let me know if this should
have been posted elsewhere. Apologies if this has been discussed here,
but I searched the mailing lists... Please don't flame me too bad for
any faux pax :).

Jesse Adelman

Jesse Adelman
http://resume.boldandbusted.com/ (just resume now)

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