[mythtv-users] RAM Question

Thomas M. Pluth tpluth at surewest.net
Fri Oct 1 16:43:46 EDT 2004

> I was wondering if 256 works great or if you need like 512 for RAM?
> If anybody could answer this that would be great.
> Caleb Adams

  I use 1GB on my backend, with 2 PVR-250s and an HD-2000 card.  This
machine is also a frontend, and my file server, with 2TB of storage
connected via SATA, ATA and Firewire (750GB recordings, 900GB videos,
75GB music, 300GB other storage).  The added memory helps when there are
several recordings at the same time, and I'm watching a recording and
transcoding or doing commercial detection or ripping a CD or DVD.  512MB
would probably be fine for a more lightly loaded backend.

  I have 512MB in my frontend machines, but never seem to use it all, even
when watching HDTV.

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