[mythtv-users] Master Backend to Slave Backend Questions...

John P. Mitchell john at cepros.com
Fri Oct 1 13:50:59 EDT 2004


   First off. Thanks to all the developers out there for your hard work
recently. I am looking forward to some of the new features once the
bugs settle out a bit.

   I have two machines in my home setup with a frontend pointing at a
master backend on the same machine. Currently I edit the
'/usr/share/mythtv/mysql.txt' file on frontend 'A' to point at master
backend  'B' when I want to watch something on 'B' from 'A', and of
course the other way sometimes too, from frontend 'B' to master backend
'A'. What I want to do is convert master backend 'B' to a slave backend
pointing at 'A' and then point frontend 'B' at master backend 'A' all
the time. An ideas on how to accomplish this? I played around with the
'settings' table in mysql on master backend 'B', but did not get very
far, so I put it all back and things are still working as seperate
master backends. Thanks in advance for you time.

    John P. Mitchell <john at cepros.com>
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