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Yes, I am using ~/.mythtv/lircrc. Thanks, -Bill Date:
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>>Hello all,
>>My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this
>>question (I'm sure I'll 
>>be corrected if it is...). I have mythtv 0.16 w/
>>support set up on 
>>Fedora Core 2 w/ a Kworld TV878RF. Everything is up
>>and running, but the 
>>behavior of the Kworld remote in mythtv is strange.
>>see in irw that 
>>LIRC is working and receiving the signals, but
>>differently to the keyboard than to the remote
>>mapped to the 
>>same commands. I've tried modifying the config file,
>>but the results 
>>have been the same.
>>Thanks for any suggestions in advance...
Just to be sure, are you modifying the LIRC file in
~/.mythtv/lircrc and 
not the ~/.lircrc for the user that runs MythTV? 
MythTV does not use 
the same config file that regular LIRC apps use.


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