[mythtv-users] MythTivo Content Aggrigator - Am I crazy?

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Fri Oct 1 13:27:51 EDT 2004

Peter Pouliot wrote:

> hi all,
> First time poster big time fan, so here's what I'm looking to do, am I 
> crazy.  I'm looking to use MythTV/MythTivo as a front end to 4 Dtivo 
> units.  In a nutshell, I currently have 4 directv/tivo (dtivo) units 
> doing the recording and want to use a mythtv/mythtivo fe/mini-itx box 
> as the means for getting to the content that is being recorded.
> The breakdown:
>     * 3 DSR6000's + 1 Hughes Series Too DTivo w/ USB Network Card
>     * Currently I inject 2 (rf modulation) of the DSR6000's into my 
> basic cable (made
>        my internet cheaper) stream as channels (70,75 and ir)
>     * structured wiring (2 rg6/2 cat5e) throughout house (I have the 
> scars to show for it)
>     * Currently have a mini-itx/slimserver (go slimmy,sqz, and 
> slimdevices.com) and
>        need an excuse to builld another mini-itx server to make my 
> house rock!
>     * About to network/upgrade one of the DSR6000 w/ 9thT cache/nic 
> card. (came in today)
>       and need a reason to install software on the series too
>     * Goal hook up a tv/ir target/coax to wall/universal remote to
>        any 1 rg6 connection in any room and
>        have access to all dtivo/cable resources w/o additional hardware.
>     * Want to basically build a Tivo Cluster to work my biddings
>     * I'm a op monkey {(pp)roboscis}
>     * Also looking for more reasons to add the 2 other tivo's and a 
> mini-itx
>        Mythtv(fe) content aggrigator as channels 78, 82, 88 in my 
> basic channel stream.
>    am i crazy, and is it possible to make a mini-itx/mythtv box be 
> able to handle this?
> Cheers,
> p
I've kinda of done this with my old series 1 Tivo and 9th tee card. It 
was a manual process, but I'm sure it can be automated. I used the 
tivoapp on my widows xp machine to get a list of shows from the Tivo 
then mark the ones I want to download and save them as mpeg2 files right 
to my Mythtv backend smb share. All you need to do then is import the 
files to Mythtv or save them them to the Video directory. There is no 
direct control of the Tivo box, just copied the old recordings off it. 
You can use the tivo scripts that are out there to schedule recordings 
via a web interface. Should be possible to write an interface between 
the two.

- James

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