[mythtv-users] Not unmuting tv tuner card???

Michael L. mitylu at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 30 23:20:33 UTC 2004

I have a Mercury/LifeView FlyVIDEO2000 capture card using the saa7134 
chipset.  I'm having a problem getting MythTV to get sound from the card.  
It works fine using xawtv, and muting line in and running 'aplay /dev/dsp' 
with xawtv gives expected results.  However when using mythtv there is no 
sound during live tv, or playback of recordings.  I've even tried plugging 
speakers directly into capture card audio out, and no sound!  If I then 
start xawtv while mythtv is playing live tv, it will enable sound in sync 
with the video in xawtv.  If I plug speakers into sound card out (with sound 
patched in from tuner card of course), and try the same thing, there is a 
delay before the sound starts...which makes sence, because it starts 
immidately from line out from the capture card, runs into line in the sound 
card, and is then synced with the playing video in myth.  However the video 
goes away in myth as xawtv is running (as expected), and once I close xawtv, 
I get sound synced with video in myth, but after the 'recorded live tv' 
delay runs out (5 secs or so), the sound is gone again.  It's like myth 
mutes the sound coming out of the capture card.  Another interesting thing 
is that my audio is not adjustable from within xawtv, infact I don't think 
the audio on the capture card is adjustable at all, as the only way I've 
found to adjust the sound out volume from the capture card, is the physical 
volume controll knoby on the speakers.  Can anyone point me in the right 
direction to solve this problem?


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