[mythtv-users] Any way to increase speed of encoding ? (involves mythtranscode and may be mencoder)

VJ vj at vijaygill.homelinux.net
Tue Nov 30 09:47:40 UTC 2004

    I use my own scripts encode recorded programs using mythtranscode +
mencoder. I have seen that mencoder encodes mpeg2 files at about 26FPS if
the source is fifo's created by mythtranscode, and the speed increases to
45FPS+ if mencoder is working on the file directly. So I assume that either
mythtranscode is not spewing out data as fast as mencoder compresses it OR
mencoder is efficient to work with fifo's. Or could it be colour-space
related thing? According to my limited knowledge, colourspace conversions
also take a lot of time and MAY be mencoder first does that to the data read
from fifo's and then encodes the frames.

Can anybody shed some light on this? And also any suggestions are welcome.

I am using FC3 with MythTV and IVTV driver compiled by myself only. I do not
have nuvexport kind of utilities and I am unwilling to install those unless
direly necessary (my last resort will be to use mpeg2mpeg cutting facility
of nuvexport to get an mpeg2 file what I will use with mencoder to encode).

Regards from

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