[mythtv-users] another set of x second skips?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Nov 30 03:13:11 UTC 2004

> I typically use the 30s forward, 10s back to skip over commercials.  
> This works great for me with one exception.  At the end of some TV shows 
> there are previews for next week that can easily get skipped over using 
> 30s skip.  It would be nice if I could program a second set of buttons 
> on my remote to do 7s forward, 7s back so at the end of the show I would 
> not have to watch these commercials but could get to the point of 
> interest w/o skipping over.  Is this possible?

Why not just map/use the keys that adjust the playback speed?  You can adjust
to 2-3x or more at the end of the show instead of hitting the skip foward



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