[mythtv-users] The real basics...

nate s nate.strickland at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 22:10:55 UTC 2004

1)  Short answer:  The frontend is the part that plays, and the
backend is the part that records.  Long answer: The backend(s) record,
manage connections to frontend(s,) schedual recordings, interface with
the database, flag commercials, encode, transcode, etc.  The frontends
are the user interface, and do things like connect to the LIRC daemon
to recieve remote codes, as well as play back the actual video file.

2)  I don't know much about FC, but it sounds like you need to
configure a window manager.  (well, actually, if you're only using the
box for myth, you really don't need to, and can just continue with the

3)  AFAICT, that should install the kernel sources?  Again, not very
familar with FC.  You can check if they're there, in case FC3 installs
them by default (which would make a lot of sense, really) by doing ls
-l /usr/src


On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 14:43:23 -0700, Bill Sutton
<thesuttons at skybluewireless.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm just embarking on this journey you all call MythTV.  I guess by now it has turned into morbid curiosity.  Oh well, enough with the small talk.
> 1.  Where can I go to get some basic definitions like:  What is a frontend (I think it is the User Interface part), What is a backend, etc.  Perhaps if I am so ignorant to ask these questions I shouldn't try.
> 2.  I am following Jarod Wilson's for building my Myth Box.  So far I have downloaded the FC3 core, burned the CD's and installed it according to Jarod's instructions (which he JUST updated this weekend for FC3).  I might add that the first time I tried the install, it locked up immediately after the partioning section.  I had to start over.  Upon first boot up and logging in as Root, I get a completely no-frills X screen with two windows on it: a terminal window and some funky clock thing.  Is that all I'm supposed to see?
> 3.  Jarod's instructions say to install the "Kernel Development" option, but this did not appear in the list for the FC3 installation.  I have seen this and am familiar with Kernel building, but how do I actually get the Kernel Development options?  Does this amount to getting the kernel source file tree?
> I'm sorry to post such basic questions, but I've searched the archives and can't readily find the answers.
> Thanks for your patience.
> Bill
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