[mythtv-users] Xbox reading CD-R vs. DVD-R (was:Converting aTiVO Series 2 to a Myth Box?)

Mary Wright mwright at taz-devil.dyndns.org
Mon Nov 29 20:11:18 UTC 2004

Hello Paul 

 Firstly burn the cd rw at the slowest speed you can the next thing is to
try a different brand of media .My Xboxen is Very picky about media 
Usually I just plug in another cdrom and install from that a lot less hassle

Latz Mary 

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This was suppose to go out as a reply to the list server, not a personal
to Michael.

(Sorry about that Michael. Yet another reason to hate the fact that I have
use IE at work :( )

Anyway, what follows is what I tried posting to the list last Friday...


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I have the dashboard setup (nice dragon graphic :) ) and I can FTP into the
with no problem. (did a lot of looking around, but didn't change anything)
I'm still having trouble trying to do the Xebian install.

What I have is a rev. 1.4 Xbox (assembly line three from country 06 made in
October of 2003) with a Samsung DVD drive. (I used this to identify the DVD
http://www.xbox-linux.org/Xbox_DVD_Drive_Identification_HOWTO )

I got a hold of a Verbatim DataLifePlus High Speed CD-RW 650MB and used Nero
to burn the .iso to it. (using the "burn image" menu item) I selected "disk
once" which auto selected "finalize the disk" so I think I did everything
correctly to create the Xebian boot disk.

I've tried inserting the Xebian boot disk (version 1.0.3 and 1.1.0) with the
dashboard running and tried powering it up with the disk already in the
Nothing I do changes what I get.

What happens is I hear the DVD spin up, the screen goes black, then I get
lines of text at the top of my screen. The left most characters and half of
top line are beyond the edge of the screen, but I can see that the top line
is a
URL to Xbox-Scene. The second line says that "???002 Xbox Linux Team
under ht GPL" and that's it. I'm unsure if this in generated by the dash, or
boot block on the CD-RW.

At this point, the Xbox stops responding and nothing I do effects it. I have
power cycle it to get back to the dashboard.

Does anybody here have any ideas? Or would I be better served posting this
Xbox-scene or bit.blkbk?


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> From: Michael J. Lynch [mailto:mlynch at gcom.com]
> Which media your Xbox will work with is dependent on the DVD drive
> manufacturer.  The Thompsons are the worst, followed by Phillips, and
> finally Samsung.  The Samsungs will read just about anything....but...very
> few xboxen have Samsung drives.  Most have the crappy Thompsons.
> Paul Kidwell wrote:
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> >>From: David Levine
> >>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Converting a TiVO Series 2 to a Myth Box?
> >>
> >><snip>
> >>
> >>My Xbox reads DVD-Rs well, CD-RWs sometimes, and CD-Rs almost never.
> >>So take this into consideration when making your burn of Xebian.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Really?!?!?!?!?!!!
> >
> >I wasn't even following the TiVO thread. I only read your post by
> >
> >Last Sunday I started the procedure to soft-mod my Xbox, using the
> same method
> >you're using.
> >
> >I ran into trouble when I tried to boot off the Xebian Live *CD-R*
> that I burned
> >from the .ISO
> >
> >First I was tried 1.1.0, then I went and dug through sourceforge and
> >1.0.3.
> >
> >Both versions fail at the same point. They start to boot, then lock
> up with just
> >two lines of text at the top of the screen. (Top line partially
> obscured, second
> >line mentioning the GPL license.)
> >
> >I've been reading the forums over at Xbox-scene & bit.blkbk and was
trying to
> >figure out exactly where & what to ask. My intention was to post the
> >tonight, and here you go and answer before I even ask :)
> >
> >[elvis]ThankYouVerryMuch[/elvis]
> >
> >I'll let y'all know how it goes...
> >
> >Paul
> >
> Michael J. Lynch

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