[mythtv-users] New hauppauge remote and menu navigation

Dennis Oelkers dennis at lauschmusik.de
Mon Nov 29 17:27:22 UTC 2004


> >From looking at the remote, I can't tell if this is a multi-function
>or works as some have suggested.  I would be inclined to think that 
>the buttons don't actually send an IR code, they just switch the 
>functionality of the existing buttons on the remote to match the 
>button (TV channel up/down sends different codes than 
>Picture up/down).  This is the case with another remote I 
>have, where the TV, CD, DVD and AUX buttons don't send IR at all.
>If that is the case, remapping those buttons won't do anything.
If it's the current grey hauppauge remote about which we were talking, 
it _is_ sending IR
when those buttons are used. The buttons are all stateless.

Kind regards,
                Dennis Oelkers

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