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Lane Schwartz dowobeha at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 16:11:11 UTC 2004

FYI... this fix didn't help me, but I'm forwarding it in case it might
help anyone else.

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Subject: Lirc remote problem
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I had this same problem, I am not sure if you ever found a fix for it,
but if it's the same thing that was happening to me I may have a
solution for you to try.  I would have posted on the site but I do not
have an account.  On my setup the lircd daemon would start, but then
just disappear, thusly causing my remote to be useless.  I added three
lines to my rc.local file in order to resolve this issue.


depmod -a 

modprobe lirc_i2c 

modprobe lirc_i2c 


The reason I have to call modprobe lirc_i2c twice is because for some
odd reason the first time I run in after running depmod –a it reports
back that the module doesn't exist.  This is probably just a timing
issue and can be resolved with the sleep command, but I am to lazy to
find out.  At any rate the second time I call it, it installs without
a problem and my remote works great.


For reference sake, before running these commands running a ps afx |
grep lircd will show nothing.  Well actually lircd is usually there
until you press a button, then it fails, and disappears.  After
putting in the above commands I now see lircd and something called
[lirc_dev].  Not sure what exactly it does, but with it there, I have
had no problems.


Let me know if this does the trick for you, and if so do post it, it
may help others.





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